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South Tulsa Neck Pain Chiropractor
South Tulsa Neck Pain Chiropractor


Neck Pain Treatment

Your body is amazing. It can climb mountains, create art, and support loved ones. It is designed to work and move in perfect alignment and balance. However, life has a way of throwing that balance off. Be it long hours hunched over a computer screen, repetitive lifting, or even high impact sports such as football, or hockey.

All of these activities (or inactivities) can throw our bodies out of that perfect alignment, and cause pain. This pain can distract, hinder or even halt you from pursuing your goals, whatever they may be. While pain can affect any part, or all of your body, the structure most susceptible to that pain, is the neck. No one knows this better than Travis Chiropractic.

Travis Chiropractic is able to treat and reverse your neck pain within the first few visits to their office in Tulsa. After the first treatment, you will feel immediate relief from neck pain, which will, of course, make life much easier. After repeated treatments over time, the pain, pressure, and tension in your neck can be fully reversed, giving you back your freedom and full range of motion.

Dr. Travis and his team of chiropractic assistants treat neck pain very seriously. Their expertise in spinal adjustment and natural treatments will help you get your life back from the pains that plague your neck during normal everyday activities. Their alternative pain management plans can help you manage, and eventually beat, the chronic neck pain without relying on opiates or narcotics to manage the pain, taking the risk of addiction completely off the table.

The Types Of Neck Pain

The neck is such a valuable structure. It is strong, yet surprisingly fragile. With all that we do every day, there are quite a few things that can cause pain and discomfort in your neck that can make the everyday tasks difficult (even impossible) to undertake. These things can be exclusive or compounding, which can make treating and reversing neck pain very complex.

  • Muscle Pain. Muscle Pain is caused by strain or damage to the soft tissue in the neck. This can be caused by poor posture, holding an awkward position, or repetitive movements such as twisting or craning. These movements can cause a “wear and tear” type of damage to the soft tissues and muscles in your neck, especially if you don’t stretch or keep good posture while performing these movements.


  • Nerve Pain. Nerve pain is caused by irritation or even pinching of the nerves in the neck. This type of pain is often described as shooting, sharp or even a “pins and needles” sensation. If you are experiencing this type of pain, the nerves are being inflamed or put under pressure, it can be caused by herniated discs, or vertebrae being out of alignment.

The nerves in your neck are very complex and can very easily be triggered wrongly through some form of trauma like a car accident, work-related injury, or sports injury. These traumatic experiences only last a second, but the damage done on your spine and nerves in your neck can lead to a lifetime of dull, annoying chronic pain, or very severe, debilitating pain that keeps you from doing the things that you love.

  • Muscle Spasms. A more dramatic form of neck pain is Muscle Spasm. Muscle spasm is a sudden, powerful jolt of pain caused by the muscles in your neck becoming hard and tight causing stiffness and intense pain. Muscle spasm can hit us hard, and seemingly out of nowhere There are a number of reasons for this, ranging from whiplash from a car crash, to a sports injury, to simply overuse.


  • Headaches. Neck issues can also be a common cause of headaches. Usually, headaches caused this way are felt at the base of the head, where the neck meets the skull, and radiate out from there. This is usually linked to muscle spasm or tension.

This tension pulls on the muscles under the scalp, putting pressure on the plates in your skull. The pain from a headache or migraine can have adverse effects, such as blurry eyesight and ringing in the ears.

  • Posture. Turns out, your mom was right when she pestered you to sit up straight. Poor posture is a leading cause of neck and back-related pain. Our bodies are only designed to move in certain ways. When our posture is poor, we have a higher risk of causing strain on our muscles, nerves, and bones. That strain can cause, you guessed it, neck and back pain.

How Chiropractic Can Treat Neck Pain

With so many possible causes and types of pain, it is vital to keep your neck health in mind. After all, it does support one of the most important organs you have (any guesses?). This is where Travis Chiropractic steps in. Chiropractic practices are complementary and alternative medicine, which can work alone, or in tandem with traditional medicine to relieve a medley of problems. This is especially true for neck and back-related issues.

Chiropractic care gets down to the core of the cause of pain and works each issue out to give you overall relief from chronic pain. Pain can impede the range of motion in your neck, which Travis Chiropractic can treat and reverse with a few different methods.

  • Releasing Tension in Your Muscles. Our muscles, nerves, and bones are all intricately interconnected. Just like a well-designed machine, every part must be in the right place in order for it to work as intended. If a bolt or two becomes loose, or a gear gets knocked out of place, the whole thing stops working as effectively as it is capable of. The same is true for us humans. Busy lives and relentless schedules often cause things to get knocked loose.

A tense muscle here, an inflamed nerve there, it can all add up to our bodies being out of alignment. And this is the heart of chiropractic practice. By using a hands-on approach to bring the patient’s body back into the alignment that nature intended it to be in.

  • Chiropractic Adjustments. Chiropractors do this by utilizing a number of techniques including chiropractic adjustments. This hands-on technique works by finding the parts of our body that are out of place and applying a swift, controlled amount of pressure, to gently push them back to their proper place.

This can sometimes instantly relieve nerve pain and even long term chronic neck pain. All this is designed to bring your spinal column and neck back into proper alignment. This allows your nerves, and muscles to operate as they should, so you don’t have to slow down.

The relief through adjustment is proven to be possible, but everybody is different and requires different amounts of adjustment to reverse neck pain. Dr. Travis is able to determine a treatment regimen for your specific situation and help you stick to it while the pain gradually gets lessened with every adjustment.

  • Cervical Manipulation. Chiropractic theory is based on the spinal model and focuses on how the body operates in relation to the health and alignment of our spinal column, through which the whole body is supported. In regards to the aforementioned neck, trained chiropractors use a technique called Cervical Manipulation. This is similar to chiropractic adjustments, however, it focuses on the upper seven vertebrae.

Through swift movements, or manipulations, of the vertebrae and even the skull itself, these trained professionals can relieve pain in the neck. They can lessen pressure on pinched, or inflamed nerves, and soothe tense hardened muscles. They can even relieve some persistent headaches caused by pressured nerves.


Life can be hard on our bodies. Life has a way of putting us to the test. However, we are designed to meet that challenge. We play sports, we work, and craft. We create art and study the world around us. We love our families and communities. We put our neck on the line (so to speak) every day. Now, our bodies are not weak, but sometimes they just need a little help.

Chiropractic care could be the help your body needs. Through study and practice, chiropractors understand how our bodies are designed to move. So when life hits you, chiropractic professionals can reset you. Supporting, and relieving pain, so you can get back to doing what you love. So go ahead, stick your neck out. Because there’s a Chiropractor who’s got you covered.

Travis Chiropractic, located in Tulsa, is a full-service chiropractic office able to help you deal, treat, and eventually reverse chronic neck, back, and other body pains with alternative medicine. Their expertise in spinal adjustment, pain management through alternative treatments, and physical therapy give them all the tools necessary to help get you back on the top of your game.

They don’t prescribe heavy pain medications that are based on opiates and other narcotic medications to deal with pain like other doctors. This gives you a risk-free option to deal with and do away with the chronic pain that has been plaguing you and keeping you stuck for so long.

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